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Rule 1: Respect players & staff

There is to be no inciting drama in the server itself or in the discord toward other players or staff at any point. If you feel as though there is an altercation that needs to be handled, feel free to reach out to a staff member in a respectful manner. You can do so by opening a staff ticket. Please make sure you include all information regarding the situation.

No Racist/Hate speech will not be tolerated at any point in the server or in the discord and will immediately result in a permanent ban.

Any role-play in the aspects having to do with Sexual Harassment or Rape role-play will not be tolerated whatsoever within the NiteLyfe Community and will immediately result in a permanent ban.


When a punishment or action is handed to you by a staff member, please remain as respectful if you see an issue with your punishment you may speak to that but in a respectful manner. All punishments are discussed with staff prior to issuing the punishment.

Rule 2: Player Names

Player names should be realistic as this is a role-playing server. You can still have imagination in your character name. Do not have any racist or offensive names. (This should be prevented in our character creation menus but sometimes they slip through.

Rule 3: Hacking

No hacking/modding will be permitted in the server at any point and if you are caught doing either, it will result in an immediate permanent ban.

Rule 4: Random Death Match or Vehicle Death Match (RDM/VDM)

Random Death Match and or Vehicle Death Match is when players go around killing other players for no reason and or running them over. Using your vehicle as a weapon for no purpose in role-play. This will result in disciplinary action and could result in a ban up to being permanent depending on the scenario. Do not Start shooting, attempting to kill, hit or injury another player without any in character engagement occurring. This is an example of RDM, and this becomes an issue.


Go hit or run another player over with a vehicle or (attempting to) cause injury without any in character engagement occurring. This is an example of VDM, and this becomes an issue. Staff will handle these issues accordingly.

Rule 5: Value of Life

You should realistically fear for your life when threatened with weapons or severe harm. If you are outnumbered the same applies. If you are outnumbered meaning 3 v1 or greater then you should follow the scenario. If you’re standing in front of your apartment and someone pulls up with 3-4 players in the car and tells you to put your hands up, you should listen. Not doing so is an example of not valuing your life. You should value another person’s life if they comply with everything being asked and only kill them if they do not cooperate.


Value the others that are involved in the scenario. Do not attempt to quick draw your weapon to fight back, run, and or many other examples that could be given. At the end of the day, we are all here for a good role-playing experience and without a value of life it makes it less immersive for everyone involved.

Rule 6: Metagaming/Third Party Communication

There should be no use of out of city knowledge in city. This includes watching other streamers in the city and using the information seen and used in the city. Find out in character stands. 

Use out of game communication such as Discord, while in city and role-playing.

The city is all about supporting other streamers, but please do not use the knowledge in the city. If Meta-Gaming happens and a ticket is brought up it will be investigated and dealt with accordingly.

Rule 7: Power Gaming

At any point, a player should not abuse in-game mechanics to give them advantage that will benefit themselves and/or others.If this happens and or you find a bug it should be reported in the bug channel in discord and brought to the developer’s attention so it can be fixed immediately.

If you feel like you’re getting a bit too much of an item or money from something you can also bring this up to the development team so it can be checked on.

As a police officer do not taze people from your car, yes it can be done and no it will not happen.

Sharing items or cash between other characters. This includes making multiple characters to get the starting cash over and over. Our systems will pick this up and you will get a timeout ban for doing this.

Rule 8: Combat logging

Combat logging will not be allowed whatsoever at any point in the server. You need to finish out every role-play scenario that occurs in character.

If you are in a scenario and you disconnect for any reason that isn’t of your own doing, please open a staff ticket immediately to inform the staff. This is in case any tickets are open, and we can confirm it wasn’t a combat log. 
Combat log to avoid going to jail, avoid staff punishments, a gun fight or altercation with the police. 

Everything in this city is logged and with enough investigation we can find out what exactly happened. Please avoid combat logging.

Rule 9: OOC talk

At any point in the server, you as a player are to not bring OOC matters into IC matters. When you join this city, you are the character you’ve created. Anything out if city stays out of city. You also are to not talk OOC on the server when you are engaged in roleplaying with other players.

If you have an issue that arises in game while roleplaying, DO NOT go OOC. Do the best you can to finish out the scenario and report it to the staff. If you have footage of the scenario to put in with your report, please do so.

Rule 10: Fail RP

Failure to role-play is when a player is not roleplaying a situation as they should when they are involved in that. If you are in a scenario and fail to role-play this could result in disciplinary action.

At all times you as a player should be role-playing in every situation and scenario, you’re in. If you encounter a scenario where fail role-play happens, please finish the scenario and open a staff ticket.

Rule 11: Scenario Numbers

When you are in a RP situation such as robbing the bank, at the initial scene, you are only allowed to have 4 people involved. Now you can have more people involved just not at the initial scene, like having someone as another getaway driver at another location so the RP situation can go longer, etc. If you want more details on this matter, feel free to reach out to a staff member and ask.


If you are in a gang war with a rival gang. You are allowed to have up to 4 people out on the streets and or pushing the rival’s block. If you are defending your own block you’re allowed to have as many as needed. This could also change depending on the war terms and allow many different opportunities to this.

Rule 12: Green Zones (Safe Zones)

Since there are not actually spawn places that are in public places and numerous apartments in the city, we will have no (Green Zones/Safe Zones). This is to allow more role-play throughout the city.

Rule 13: New Life Rule

If you are down, you can decide to either wait for EMS/Police to come to your location to help you to Pillbox or you can respawn.


However, if you’ve been shot multiple times in the head please do not talk as if nothing is wrong. You have a brilliant /me feature that allows you to role-play out the scenario. This includes in gang fights and or police fights on your back making call outs. It will be dealt with accordingly.


If you decide to respawn, you cannot remember the last 15 minutes of events that led to you getting downed once you respawn. Role-play it out and let the people involved fill you in.

Rule 14: Cop-Baiting

Players are to not bait officers at any point while they are on the server with the intent of disrupting/trolling those officers. If the officer(s) are dealing with an active scene such as a shootout/robbery or engaged in an active roleplay situation, players need to let cops finish that RP scenario before engaging themselves. If you see a police officer setting up a speed trap and purposely driving at high rates of speed just to start a cop chase on purpose is an example of cop baiting.


You can rob police officers of what you need during that fight. Please do not empty their pockets and vehicles to stock up on police goods. There are plenty of ways for you to get this on the street, we do not need to drain the police dry in every scenario.

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