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I have over 21 years in sales. 7 years self-employed and 5 years in advertisement.

I was the owner to Screechy's T- Shirt R US inc. / beauty supply storefront in East Chicago, Indiana for over a year.

I was also partnered 33% in a exclusive boostmoble storefront as well in East Chicago, Indiana and would also repair phones and other devices within my capabilities for 7 months.

I was a Health, Wealth, Product Consultant for a multi-Million company called Tranont. French for Changing Lives based in Utah for about 9 1/2 months.

I've worked out of mostly sales and stock positions in the work field.

But also have experience in the food industry as well as from closing manager to associate.

I have great Commercial awareness, Good communication skills, Adaptability to where ever I'm placed, and excellent teamwork and interpersonal skills where needed.

I have a passion to constantly level up myself in every aspect life can bring to me no matter the challenge given or confronted.

I am a Creator of many ways of art. my music, online gaming, app reviewing, podcasting, and Journalism, etc... I'm here to help many causes in the world and take care of those I care for as well. Been gaming since I was a kid and got to play almost every console ever made especially the Commodore 64



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